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Charting out the project objectives and plans, setting performance requirements, and selecting project participants.
Bringing about optimum utilization of resources, labour, materials and equipment and ensuring there procurement at most cost-effective terms.
Implementation of various operations through proper co-ordination.
Development of effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts among the various participants.

Oversee the Construction Project from start to finish.
Perform a key role in Project planning, budgeting, and identification of resources needed.
Create the teams, develop the objectives/goals of each and assign individual responsibilities.
Project accounting functions including managing the budget, tracking of team expenses and minimizing exposure and risk in the project.
Ensure that construction activities move according to pre-determined schedule.
Devise the project work plans and make revisions as and when need arises.
Communicate effectively with the contractors responsible for completing various phases of the project.
Co-ordinate the efforts of all parties involved in the project, which include any consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and labourers.

Monitor the progress of the construction activities on a regular basis and hold regular status meetings with all the sub-teams.
Maintain strict adherence to the budgetary guidelines, quality and safety standards.
Ensure project documents are complete.
Identify the elements of project design and construction likely to give rise to disputes and claims.
Direct and manage Project development from beginning to end.
Define Project scope, goals and deliverables that support business goals in collaboration with senior management and stakeholders.
Effectively communicate project expectations to team members and stakeholders timeously and clearly.
Liaise with project stakeholders continuously.
Estimate the resources and participants needed to achieve project goals.
Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate personnel.
Identify and resolve issues and conflicts within the site team.
Pro-actively manage changes in the project scope, identify potential crises and devise contingency plans.
Coach, mentor, motivate and supervise project team members and contractors, and influence them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.
Build, develop, and grow any business relationships vital to the success of the project.
Conduct project post mortems and create a report in order to identify successful and unsuccessful project elements.

Attributes Required
Ability to plan and organize a team effort.
Good Client Management

Capacity to motivate, lead and boost team morale.
Effective time management.

Capacity to handle pressure.
Strong focus on quality.



Strong commercial background imperative.
Any post-graduate training in Construction Management is an added advantage.
Minimum 10 years of experience in construction projects.
Excellent communication skills.
Good understanding of systems.
Thorough knowledge of legal issues and safety standards is essential.
Site experience

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Junior Quantity Surveyor

Minimum 5 years experience required.

Minimum 5 years site experience required.

Bulk Materials Handling Experience a must.


• Agree method of measure, systems to be implemented and used with Client and / or Site based Client Representative or PQS.

• Compile and agree interim payment, including escalation.

• Prepare contract cash flows / month to month revenue forecasts.

• Carry out internal Contract Re-Tender and set Contract targets etc.

• Carry out quantity take-offs from drawings.

• Carry out on site measures as required.

• Identify measurement opportunities to maximize revenue.

• Feedback on quantities to the Site Agent / Contracts Manager for material ordering purposes.

• Agree day works with RE or PQS.

• Measure and agree contract variations with the RE / PQS.

• Calculate and agree rates for new items of work.

• Ensure that payment from the client is made timeously and correctly.

• Compile and agree to the final account for the contract at contract completion.

• Identify possible areas of revenue maximization / possible contractual claims, delays, contract extras and variations to the Site Agent / Contracts Manager. (Chain Management).

• Help in compiling, submit, agree and follow up all contractual claims with Client / Engineer.

• Set up and maintain material reconciliations (cost vs. allowable). Compile production and variance graphs, distribute on a weekly / monthly basis.

• Set up and maintain sub-contractor reconciliations (cost vs. allowable). Compile production and variance graphs, distribute on a weekly / monthly basis.

• Monitor and maintain G-LTA costing systems e.g. clerk costing, site costs, cross charges, etc.

• Generate progressive revenue and allowable by adjusting certified revenue and allowable with any under / (over claim) revenue and allowable.

• Compile ‘Cost Report’ by incorporating :

Progressive revenue and allowable vs. progressive costs.

Final estimated revenue and allowable with final estimated variances.

Material and subcontractor reconciliation’s.

Progressive and month only man-hour job costing reconciled back to the labour costs.

Production and variance graphs.

Month only forecast of revenue, allowable and costs for the following month.

Month by month revenue and cash flow forecasts.

• Site stock / asset schedule indicating the month by month depreciated value and any possible residual values.

• Adjudication of sub-contractor quotations.

• Appointment of sub-contractor.

• Drawing up all sub-contractor agreements and documentation.

• Carry out and manage sub-contractor payments and retention control.

• Liaise with Financial Director / Commercial Manager on Surety bonds / Guarantee’s / Contract Insurance.

• Monitor and ensure timeous returns on Bonds / Guarantees by due dates after contract completion.

• Training and development of subordinates.


National Higher Diploma : Quantity Surveying

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